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#1 23-02-2009 07:35:36

Registered: 06-03-2008
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About Logger lnterval 12hrs and 24hrs


I set interval 12hrs and 24hrs to logger

When I download the data,the table show me value 12am 12pm 12am 12pm.......or 12am 12am 12am........

I know that is right,but when i set 1min or others to logger.

Table will show me value next 1 min later.

My problem is when i set 12hrs and 24hrs to logger.

Is it possible to logger next 12hrs and 24hrs.

It is 08:00am
I set interval 24hrs,I hope when i download the data  table show me 08:00am 08:00am 08:00am.......not 12am 12am 12am ......
Is it possible ?

thank you

Have a nice day!



#2 23-02-2009 09:21:02

Registered: 18-06-2007
Posts: 132

Re: About Logger lnterval 12hrs and 24hrs

Hi Castle,

all about this behaviour is written in manual. Here is sample:

"Logging interval between to subsequent measurements is specified by the user. Memorizing of the
first value is synchronized with the internal real time clock, so the logging is performed at sharp
multiples of minutes, hours and days. E.g. after starting the logging with the 15 minute interval the
first value is not stored immediately, but after the internal clock gets the status of a quarter, a half or
a whole hour. After starting the logging with the 6 hour interval the first value is stored at that
whole hour to perform the storing also at 00.00, i.e. at the beginning of the day. First storing is
performed at 6.00,12.00, 18.00 or 00.00hour - at the hour from the above nearest to the logging
start. After communication with computer or after start by magnet logger automatically waits for the
nearest whole multiple of time and then first measurement is performed. This is also necessary to
take into account when setting time of automatic logger switch ON".

If you want record data at 8am, set faster interval - here set 8hour interval.
Other example - you want record data at 7pm, the best nearest interval is 1hour.

Have a nice day




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