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#1 21-04-2021 13:06:38

Registered: 20-04-2021
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Database software not logging ethernet sensors

After successfully using comet database for over 12 months it has stopped working for all of the sensors connected, it simply reads value not fresh in database viewer.
This coincided with the loss of temp/ humidity graphs when I view the sensors through the web interface. Most of the sensors are P8641 with different levels of firmware the latest being Bay cat 4-5-8-1.3502 /1.80.

I have tried Comet database upgrade from 19 to 20.0 and all worked for 15 minutes exactly and then stopped working again.

Any help would be appreciated



#2 21-04-2021 16:31:00

Registered: 11-08-2008
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Re: Database software not logging ethernet sensors


I am sorry for such inconvenience with ours devices. I am not sure what is going on at your case. Please contact our technical support directly at Please provide following informations:
- diagnostic log from few of P8641 devices (insert address e.g. at the browser)
- database log from COMET Database (available via database manager)

I hope using that information we will be able figure out what is going on.





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