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#1 16-12-2018 09:45:04

Registered: 26-09-2008
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Support for REST/JSON?


I am a happy user of several Pxxxx transmitters, have been using them for years with SOAP server from your php example. However, these kind of services are moving to serverless computing, Amazon AWS being biggest example and xml output from SOAP POST is not necessarily that well supported or easy to handle.

So do you have any plans on implementing REST protocol with JSON output as POST -messsge? It would be great and I would be happy to test and provide you with helpful use case examples for it.



#2 17-12-2018 08:04:50

Registered: 11-08-2008
Posts: 293

Re: Support for REST/JSON?


Thank you for a feedback. For this moment we haven't plans for implementation of HTTP POST with JSON content. Generally implementation of this feature should not be a big issue. But problem is somewhere else. Implementation of this feature without https not make sense. And support of https is a pretty complex t thing at current hardware of t-line/p-line Web Sensors.

For our new development (new devices) we want to implement POST messages with JSON content definitely.




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