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#1 22-08-2017 20:18:49

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Assistance with email reminders

Hello, I'm using the T6540 series sensor and I have issues with setting up email reminders.

My settings are:
SMTP server address -
SMTP server port - 587

additional info:
Serial number 17965009
Firmware version 1-5-7-3.1235 / 1.50

Please assist. Thanks!

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#2 23-08-2017 09:05:09

Registered: 23-08-2017
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Re: Assistance with email reminders


our device do not support use SMTP encryption :

there are three ways how to solve problem with SSL emails:

-          One possible way how to solve problem with SSL/TLS is use SMTP server which not requires SS/TLS (ask your ISP for this server)

-          Second option is to use Stunnel software - more information you find here: … This is 3rd party software, due to Comet is not able provide technical support for it.

-          Last way is to use COMET Database



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