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#1 26-07-2016 15:56:12

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S3121 datalogger humidity out of calibration limits

Hi, we have two units for measuring T&H - S3121 which have both failed calibration with identical problem: humidity error is increasing significantly in the higher range, so between 75-95% RH, measurements are almost 10% out. Unit passes calibration with RH around 33% - error is about 2%. With increasing humidity, error increases. One unit has shown issues after a year of usage,another after less than a year. One unit uses sintered bronze cover F4000, other one uses F5200B filter. The error in measurement is pretty much identical for both, they measure the same when sat next to each other. Temperature reads fine and passes calibration. Is this something that can be repaired or adjusted? Thanks in advance.



#2 27-07-2016 09:06:31

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Re: S3121 datalogger humidity out of calibration limits

humidity measurement accuracy may be affected by the environment in which the devices are used, any aggressive chemical environment - the  humidity sensor surface may be damaged. The device can be adjusted by yourself if you have the appropriate humidity chamber, see the PDF document "MANUAL FOR CHECKING ACCURACY OF MEASUREMENT (CALIBRATION) AND ADJUSTMENT".
The device is of course possible to send us a check/adjustment.

Link for PDF file: … xxx-01.pdf



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