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#1 09-04-2016 09:26:51

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P8541 SNMP access


I'm new to SNMP and would appreciate some help getting SNMP access working from the Linux command line. My P8541 is working fine via web page access and I have Linux SNMP installed on the PC. I see that the default password is 'public' but can't see a username defined for SNMP access, though I think this is needed?  Also what SNMP level does the device expect? Any encryption?

I need to construct a command line following this type of template basically:

snmpget -u username -l authPriv -a MD5 -x DES -A temp_password -X temp_password remote_host

I'm just not sure how t do this when I don't have a username and can't seem to get any response from my device so far.

An example command line or more information would be really appreciated, thanks


Edit to my post - after some hours trial and error this issue  is now solved, all working, though thanks to anyone who looked at the problem.  Solution is below to help any other beginner:

Linux command line:  snmpget -c public -v 1 .

This is the read command for sensor 1 on my system located at, I did not realise the -c option rather than username based SNMP access is needed.
My SNMP client software also needs an extra .0 appended to the MIBs specified on page 21 of the user manual.

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#2 11-04-2016 06:35:53

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Re: P8541 SNMP access


Thank you for your update. Just a small explanation.

P8541 supports SNMP protocol version 1. In this version is not available encryption and user name. You need insert only "read community name". This field is set by default to "public".




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