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#1 01-10-2014 11:14:04

Registered: 01-10-2014
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Some problems with temperature logger multichanel

Thermometer for 4 external probes with display S0141
Pt1000TG8/0, temperature probe, cable 2 m

we are calibrating the mentioned device and we found some problems:

1.- The cable of the probes over 150 it is deformed permanently. The specs. is -50 to 200 ºC
2.- During the calibration process to 150ºC has been found differences between probes of 145ºC-148ºC

Do you have some method/soft to adjust in two or three points lineal or polinomial correction?
Can you suggest us some probe which cable should support 200ºC?
Can we buy you these equipments directly?
Thanks in advance-Luciano



#2 01-10-2014 14:54:04

Registered: 11-08-2008
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Re: Some problems with temperature logger multichanel


Datalogger S0141 is designed for probes with ELKA connector. This probes has suffix ../E. Probe Pt1000TG8 have silicone cable, which have temperature range higher than +200°C. Stainless steal cover have also higher temperature range than +200°C. So +150°C could not be problem for probe Pt1000TG8.

How is probe marked on the label? Can you better describe how probe was deformed? Please send photo of damaged probe to our email address Cheapest probes with PVC cables has temperature range up to +80°C. This probes are marked Pt1000TGL40 or Pt1000TR160.

Description of calibration process we can send to your email. Please confirm that you need this document.

Please make you sure, that is no measuring error due to heat conduction inside cable. For accurate temperature measuring must be inside temperature chamber at least 50 cm of the probe cable.

Our products you can buy from local distributor in your country:

ControlTemp S.L.
C/ Pau Picasso no 3,
08130 Santa Perpetua De Mogoda, Barcelona
tel: +34 935 741 320
fax: +34-935-744-116

For more question please contact us at email



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