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#1 30-11-2015 16:34:07

Registered: 11-11-2014
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Comet Database & Web Sensor Replacement for Calibration


We currently have a problem with our 13 Web Sensor (9x T7510, 2x T3511, 2x T3510)

The problem is that all the devices currently log into our Comet Database Server.

But we need to send some devices to calibration, so we buy some extra devices to replace one by one the device who need calibration.

But it seem that even if we set all the same parameters into the replacement device (ip address, name, etc...), it create a new entry into the database.

I think you use perhaps the serial number to create entry into the database ?

So what's the best way to replace a device for calibration and continue into the same databse entry to log ?

Do you have also a way to duplicate setting from a device to another or to save and restore all is settings ?

Thanks Steve Guérin



#2 02-12-2015 11:42:34

Registered: 11-08-2008
Posts: 293

Re: Comet Database & Web Sensor Replacement for Calibration

Hi Steve,

For this moment we haven't solution for described issue. Please check your mailbox.




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