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#1 17-12-2014 14:52:28

Registered: 17-12-2014
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T3610 SNMP

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a T3610 Sensor and i like it very much! Firmware is 1-5-7-1.1096 / 1.30
I want to access the data via SNMP and started testing with 3rd Party tools.
I found one tool that loads in the MIB File and then gives access to all the values. So this works just fine.
Then i started using two other tools that i can use via the command line. I looked up the OID for the current temperature which is in my case "." on the OID.txt file on the sensor itself.
But now i don't get any results back. The sensor responds with a message that this variable does not exist.
In the same tool i can access the history table. Which is this OID (first value) . This also works fine.

The problem I'm facing is that some of the OIDs work and some don't.

Am I using a wrong OID list? I have it directly from the sensor, and it matches the OID list from the manual. It also mentions that it is for firmware 1-5-7.x.

I'm looking forward to get some helpful input from you!

Thank you



#2 18-12-2014 08:11:11

Registered: 11-08-2008
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Re: T3610 SNMP

Hi Christian,

We are so happy that you like our products. I can promise that we will continue with improving our Web Sensors by free firmware updates.

I think your problem is with .0 OID convention in some SNMP tools. Please try add .0 at end of OID. For example for temperature use OID ".".

Please let me know, if your problem was solved.




#3 18-12-2014 08:25:26

Registered: 17-12-2014
Posts: 5

Re: T3610 SNMP

Good morning Jan,

by adding the .0 to my OID the temperature and humidity readout via SNMP worked.
This solved the problem! What's interesting is that some commands worked and some don't.

OID for Temperature: "."
OID vor Humidity: "."

May I add the link to the DLL I used? I'm programming in C# and used this SNMP implementation to communicate with the sensor.

Thank you very much Jan!




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