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#1 16-08-2007 05:06:56

Registered: 04-06-2007
Posts: 40

T3511 Firmware setting?

I download

I set 1_5_1_00.rom in T3511.

But I don't know how to set T3511_C_WEB1_11.cob in T3511.

Could you teach me step by step?

A message "Warning ModBus is disable! Some setup functions will not be available!"

How can I do?



#2 16-08-2007 07:52:42

Registered: 18-06-2007
Posts: 132

Re: T3511 Firmware setting?

You have ModBus protocol disabled in your T3511. If you want to enable it, run TSensor program, connect to your T3511, go to Communication Setup card and check ModBus enabled item control in the top-right corner of the card. Then press Save Changes.

About web pages:
Run TSensor program with service parameter (Run command line and write C:\...\TSensor.exe /service). Go to main menu, menu item Service, submenu item Update firmware... . Select your T3511 (IP address). Uncheck ROM file item control. For COB file (file with web pages) browse your web pages file (in this case T3511_C_WEB1_11.cob). Finally press Update button.

or use WebFileCreator utility.



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