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#1 08-08-2007 08:29:31

Registered: 08-08-2007
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GSM modem & Logger S0141

I'm planing to buy the GSM modem MP009 and S0141 - four
channel thermometer. Would be good to get information for more
understanding. Does possible configuration with this system:

1. To get SMS message about the temperature?
2. To get SMS message about the temperature periodically at requested
time? For example each day at 12:00 and 18:00.
3. To get SMS message about the temperature on SMS request, or on call
request? For example, anybody sends the SMS to modem, the modem sending
back SMS about the temperature.



#2 08-08-2007 15:03:41

Registered: 31-05-2007
Posts: 15

Re: GSM modem & Logger S0141

Our datalogger in connection to GSM modem does not support the SMS messages.
It is possible to communicate with the logger via GSM - dialed connection.
Also GPRS is not supported.



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