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#1 06-08-2007 11:31:22

Registered: 04-06-2007
Posts: 40

Loggers S3210

Excuse me

I have a problem.

How many recorded values in s3120

In www page show "capacity 32 000 recorded values"

In  Manual in pdf format  show"for non cyclic mode 16 252 for cyclic mode 15 296"

It mean tem recorded values 16 252 and hum recorded values 16 252 or not.

The DP need  recorded or not

When I recorded only in 10 828 point , the loggers show memory full.



#2 07-08-2007 08:17:08

Registered: 31-05-2007
Posts: 15

Re: Loggers S3210

The information on our webpages about the 32.000 values is together for all our instruments R/Sxxxx series and it is memory capacity for all channels. DP is counted from temperature and humidity and is not stored in the logger's memory. In manuals you can find the information considering the number of channels. For S3120 (noncyclic) it is 16252 values for temperature and 16252 values for humidity. This values are max. If you will interrupt the logging and will start again, it will decrease the memory capacity about 16 values. Please send us an e-mail with the file. We will check why it shows memory full when there was just 10 828 values.



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