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#1 06-06-2007 11:18:58

From: Estonia
Registered: 06-06-2007
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Data acquisition system with MS3+

I have done some reading and now I just want to be sure that I have understood all correctly.

We need to measure and log temperature (-30..-40C) in 25 points. We have chosen to use the  MS3+ because there is also need to connect the system to the Ethernet and alarm notification via SMS.

Now we want to connect the temperature sensors to the logger via RS485 and the loggers via Ethernet to the PC and the alarm notification via SMS. That all I have understood and it is doable.

What I have not read out was next. We have to use 2 MS3+, must both MS3+ have Ethernet interfaces and GSM modems or can be one of them master unit which is connected to the Ethernet? So one MS3+ has Ethernet and GSM modem and is the maste unit. Other MS3+ is connected to the master unit via RS485 and is h slave unit. Do this kind of connection will work? Does the master unit will send the SMS if the slave unit gives alarm?

Best regards,

Ando Kaupmees



#2 07-06-2007 08:16:51

Registered: 31-05-2007
Posts: 15

Re: Data acquisition system with MS3+

Unfortunately the MS3+ unit cannot communicate with the other MS3+ system on master>slave basis. It means that you will have to use GSM/GRPS modem for each unit. Each unit will inform the phone number about the alarm status separately.



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