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#1 02-10-2018 16:13:06

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Problem with GSM Modem connection

I am using comet database software and recently we bought GSM Modem, model is GSM-BGS5-T2M.
We connected it to server with USB Cable and installed appropriate driver … et=support
We did configuration as instructed in manual (COM PORT is 4) and other settings are unchanged. But we get following error msg: "Connecting to modem failed (errorcode: 1006 description: Cannot open COM port)."
Now comes the strange part if we try to connect directly over rs232 while usb is still connected we get same error message. "Connecting to modem failed (errorcode: 1006 description: Cannot open COM port."
BUT if we unplug USB cable and leave only rs232 and power adapter plugged it works perfectly. Unfortunately our client insist in using usb over rs232, what can we do ?



#2 03-10-2018 09:25:43

Registered: 23-08-2017
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Re: Problem with GSM Modem connection


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