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#1 09-10-2017 19:41:35

Registered: 09-10-2017
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SMTP - Alarm emails configuration


I am trying to configure the email alert using gmail smtp on both sensors:

Device type T7511
Serial number 15965039
Firmware version 1-5-7-1.1097 / 1.30


Device type T3510
Serial number 15965373
Firmware version 1-5-7-1.1097 / 1.30

First I have tried to do it in the web interface, and it was not working and not message was shown.

So I download the application "Sensors Setup Utility" and in both cases I am getting the error: "Sending mail has failed! Authentication error" when using smtp port 587 and error: "Sending mail has failed! Invalid login code!" when using port 465.

Please could you assist on the configuration of the alarm emails?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,



#2 10-10-2017 07:03:04

Registered: 11-08-2008
Posts: 293

Re: SMTP - Alarm emails configuration

Hi Raege,

Tx5xx devices supports for sending email SMTP servers with or without authentication. For authentication is supported SMTP command AUTH LOGIN. Encrypted communication with SMTP server (SSL, STARTTLS) is not supported by this devices. Encrypted communication with Gmail SMTP server is mandatory. From this reason Tx5xx device cannot send email directly via Gmail SMTP server.

If you want send email from Tx5xx device you can choose one of this option:
- use SMTP server in local network without enabled encryption
- use SMTP server from your ISP or service in Internet without encryption
- use Comet Database to send email via Gmail SMTP server
- use 3rd party software to forward SMTP communication to Gmail SMTP server (e.g.
- it looks that G Suite users can use "Restricted Gmail SMTP server" without enabled encryption (see. We did not test this explicitly scenario.




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