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#1 05-09-2017 11:45:22

Registered: 05-09-2017
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T3511 and sending SMS messages

I am user of your T3511 transmitter and from time to time I need to get the information about the alarm status.
I am using the possibility of sending/receiving e-mail to my e-mail address which is very good.
But I will appreciate if I could get also the SMS warning when I am not in the office.
Don't you have some suggestion how to do this ?



#2 05-09-2017 14:01:45

Registered: 23-08-2017
Posts: 19

Re: T3511 and sending SMS messages


yes, it is possible. You can to use Our Comet Database software, but it is paid software.
Or you can to try find out some service which is able to transit the e-mail to SMS.
Or if you have smart phone you can add your e-mail address to the device ( T3511 ) and set alert for comming e-mail on you smart phone ( this is the fastest way ) .



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