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#1 22-03-2017 17:38:42

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Could I use MS55D for my project ?


I must create a monitoring system for our pumping station. Our station is supplied by a Solar PV field nearby and now we want to monitoring performance of PV field and pump operation.

System must be able to monitoring:

- PV strings operation from PCB implemented in the fuse box via RS458 interface
- 4 temperature sensors, 2 radiation sensors, 1 water flow sensor via analog signal
- Pump controller via RS458 interface
- output 1 relay to switch off the pump when necessary

The MS55D will be connected to a PC in the control room and all data should be display as graphs and stored there.

I wonder whether MS55D is sufficient for my project?

And is software from comet provide me the function i desire ?

Thank you

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#2 23-03-2017 10:16:51

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Re: Could I use MS55D for my project ?


please send more information about your project/requirements to our sales departmen at
We will appreciate when you include your business card.

Thank you




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